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Linear was founded in 2018 and since its establishment, the mission has been to assist real estate agents to digitalize their working methods. We are trusted by institutional and private investors as well as private equity investors Innovestor and Superhero Capital. Our advisory team includes top professionals from the real estate and software industry.

The listings can also be displayed on the realtor's own websites by using the interface. In practice, we take care of the implementation together with the administrator of your website. If your website works on the WordPress platform, we have a ready-made plug-in solution that allows you to get stylish listing presentations. For example, the listing presentation of 365 Kiinteistökeskus LKV's website has been implemented with the help of our solution.

Linear's consumer service platform is called Dixu. Dixu does not have its own realtors, but instead, we give Dixu & Välittäjä assignments directly to users of the Linear Real Estate CRM System, which means that you can gain new customers without acquisition. And the best thing is that most of the background work (such as obtaining documents, photography, digital styling, etc.) has already been done, so the realtor is mainly left with the negotiations. When you begin the use the Linear system, you can indicate whether you are willing to accept these Dixu assignments.

All our documents have been created and inspected by the law firm Properta. Properta is a respected law firm specializing in real estate in Helsinki, Finland.

The Linear system is able to automatically read its database and documents, such as the property certificate, and store a large portion of the data directly to the listings' details. Therefore, realtors are left only with the work of data checking rather than data storing.

Our goal is to make the system as functional as we can. This is why it is of the utmost importance that we receive continuous feedback and development ideas from our customers, which are refined in our product development. As an agile operator, we have been able to implement the new features that our customers want at a record pace.

The system is designed to automate multiple work steps and reduce manual work. This gives you time as a realtor to focus on the most important things, namely customers and home sales. Real estate agents have been involved in commenting on the progress of the development, so we can be sure that we have developed the system to meet actual needs.

The real estate system has also been tested to work in a mobile user interface, thus you can easily manage the sales of listings and customer relationships with your smartphone or tablet.

We have tried to make the transition process as smooth and easy as possible. In order for a realtor to start using the Linear system, all we need is the following order number, logo, and customer register. If you wish, we can also bring other materials into the system.

Do you have a question for us? Our customer service will be happy to help you.