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What is Linear’s mission?

Linear was founded in 2018 and since our establishment, the mission has been to assist real estate agents to digitalize their working methods. We are trusted by institutional and private investors as well as private equity investors such as Innovestor and Superhero Capital. Our advisory team includes top professionals from the real estate and software industry.

How does one get listings to appear on the real estate agency's own websites?

The listings can be displayed on the agency’s own websites by using an interface. In practice, we take care of the implementation together with the administrator of your website. If your website works on the WordPress platform, we have a ready-made plug-in solution that allows you to get stylish listing presentations. You can check how it looks like from our customer 365 Kiinteistökeskus LKV’s website.

How do I become Dixu's partner agent?

We distribute Dixu listings directly to the users of Linear Real Estate System. When you become a user, you can tell us if you would like to receive customers through Dixu collaboration.

All our documents have been created and inspected by a Finnish law firm called Properta. Properta is a respected law firm specialized in real estate.

I would like to order marketing materials, but I am not a user of the Linear Real Estate System. Is this possible?

Yes. You can order marketing materials such as digital stagings, photographs and floor plans, regardless of whether you are a user of the Linear Real Estate System. You can request free user credentials from our customer service. Please note that we are currently only able to sell services to corporate customers.

You talk about reducing manual work, what do you mean by it?

There are numerous features in the Linear system that allow the manual work to be reduced. As an example, you do not have to spend time navigating between multiple platforms since the most essential tools are integrated into Linear. In addition, there are more than 500 fields filled out for you in the system. Our customer service is happy to tell you more!

The system seems convinient but it is lacking a feature that is extremely important for me. Is it possible that you would develop it?

Our goal is to make the system as functional as we can. This is also the reason why it is extremely important for us that our customers give us continuous feedback and ideas, which are later refined in our product development. As an agile operator, we are able to turn customer feedback into concrete features at a record pace.

How does the system differ from competitors?

The system is designed to automate multiple work steps and reduce manual work. This gives you time as a realtor to focus on the most important things, namely customers and sales. Real estate agents have been involved in the development, thus the system meets the actual needs of industry professionals.

Can the system be used also on mobile devices?

Yes, you can use the system just as smoothly on mobile devices.

I am now using another system. How is the transition process and is it challenging?

The transition to Linear is effortless. All you need is the following order number, logo and customer register. We take care of the interfaces and provide guidance on how to deploy the system.

Do you have a question for us? Our customer service is happy to help you.

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