Linear – More than a Real Estate System

Linear Real Estate CRM System is a comprehensive real estate agents’ tool that allows the listings’ sales processes to be handled from start to finish. This gives our customers time to focus on the essential when the system assists with the burden previously known as manual work.

Work less, sell more

Linear is designed to automate various work steps and reduce manual work. More than 500 fields filled out for you.

Customer-oriented feature development

Not only do we listen, but we also act. We prioritize the features our customers wish to have and update them into the system rapidly.

Everything under one system

You no longer have to navigate between multiple platforms to get a simple thing done. The most essential tools from the industry operators are integrated into Linear.

User experience at the center

Linear’s state-of-the-art interface ensures that you do not spend time with the system but instead, with your customers. You can use the system just as smoothly on mobile devices.

AIDA™ – Listing description generating AI

AIDA™ is an artificial intelligence tool that generates listing descriptions. Its mission is to provide inspiration and new perspectives for writing the texts.

Automation of documents

In cooperation with a law firm called Properta, you have at your disposal documents that are automatically filled based on the information provided in the past.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management is built into the system. You can conveniently manage your potential and existing customers through a single view.

Graphic reporting

The system keeps you up-to-date on the development of your business operations in a tailored view, from which you can easily keep track of key figures such as commissions.

Let your brand shine

You receive all the documents you need, such as contracts and brochures, according to the brand guidelines of your real estate agency.

High-quality marketing materials

You can conveniently order high-quality materials, such as floor plans, photos and digital stagings, from the listings’ details.

Information security is important to us

The information security of the system meets even the highest requirements. If you wish, you can also use two-step authentication.

Effortless transition

The transition to Linear is effortless. All you need is the following order number, logo and customer register. We take care of the interfaces and provide guidance on how to deploy the system.

Real Estate CRM System


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The system provides all the features a real estate agent could ask for, and even more. The best thing is that the transition to Linear is easy; we take care of everything on a turnkey basis.

Linear Real Estate System includes (i.a.):

Customer experiences

The decision to introduce a new real estate system was difficult for us. We were familiar with the existing systems and clearly needed a new, innovative approach. After a careful consideration, we ended up with the Linear system. We knew it was an unfinished project in many ways, but the visions of the future convinced us. The beginning was not easy. Learning new, and especially learning from the old, takes its own time. Experienced real estate agents are accustomed to doing things a certain way, whether it makes sense or not.

From the very beginning, we were convinced of the development pace. After six months of use, we are already in a situation where all our daily routines are running smoothly. Ideas that facilitate the work of real estate agents come into production quickly, and thoughts on the use of automation and artificial intelligence create a strong belief in the future. In addition, sales tracking and reporting tools are already at the next level. The quality of customer service and consideration of needs has been on point from the start.


Jouni Paasio

Kiinteistönvälitys Näytönpaikka

Linear is easy to use and allows real estate agents to work in an efficient manner. In addition, the signatures work extremely well. The small changes we have requested have been developed rapidly into new features. The system as a whole is smooth and easy compared to other unmentioned competitors. I am extremely satisfied!


Toni Leskinen

We have been particularly pleased with Linear’s real estate system. The system is simultaneously modern and very easy to use. Everything works clearly and logically. Marketing materials can be ordered easily through the system. I believe the system is the best on the market. I warmly recommend Linear to both smaller and larger companies to increase their efficiency.


Patrik Sariola

Local LKV

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Käytössäsi on kaikki mitä laadukkaaseen välitystyöhön tarvitset sekä alan uutuudet, joita muut eivät vielä tarjoa. Ja mikä parasta, siirtyminen Lineariin on helppoa; hoidamme kaiken avaimet käteen -periaatteella.


99 € / kk / käyttäjä

Linear-välitysjärjestelmä sisältää mm:


99 € / kk / käyttäjä

Linear-välitysjärjestelmä sisältää mm: