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We have built our broad range of services based on the changing needs of the industry and feedback received from real estate professionals. We closely monitor real estate trends and also anticipate them, which is why the services we offer are always at least topical, often even ahead of their time. Thanks to our extensive network, we can offer all our services nationwide and even globally.

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Customer experiences

Ordering floor plans, photos and other services through Linear has been very easy. The quality of all the materials is extremely good, be it photographs or 3D modelings for new projects. The use of the ordering system is also easy to adopt without training or separate instructions.


Teemu Sainomaa


We have ordered e.g. floor plans that are delivered quickly to the listing card in the system. One also receives notification when the final product is finished, making it easier for the agent to stay up-to-date on their work.


Toni Leskinen


from 149 €

Photographs tell more than a thousand words about the property and its real estate agent. Because of this, it is no wonder that customers choose their agent partly based on photos. The quality of the photos is also directly linked to, for example, the sales time since the announcement either attracts the interest of potential buyers or vice versa.

Linear’s high-quality photos are always taken by a professional photographer. A knowledgeable photographer and high-quality equipment ensure that the apartment creates a positive but also truthful first impression.

Digital staging

Empty from 79 €

Furnished from 99 €

In the case of an empty space, digital staging means that the interior is added digitally to the photo. In this way, buyers get a more comprehensive view of the room and its potential since it is easier to perceive the height and other dimensions of a room when it is furnished.

In the case of a furnished space, digital staging means that the existing furniture is removed digitally and replaced with a new set of interior. It may prove out to be even more important, as styling that does not suit the taste of potential buyers can negatively affect the image of the apartment. In the worst case, otherwise a suitable home would not even be on the buyers’ list of candidates.

In digital staging, it is possible to use authentic interior elements, such as Isku furniture. Thus, customers can concretely demonstrate the results illustrated in digital staging. In addition to the fact that our own interior designer has created ready-made styles from which one can choose the most suitable, it is possible to order a unique premium digital staging.

Virtual tour

from 179 €

With virtual tour, potential buyers can explore the listing regardless of time and place. Thanks to the service, buyers encountered by the real estate agent are even more likely to be genuinely interested in the listing.

Virtual tour gives a more concrete view of the apartment than pictures. It also makes it possible to get acquainted with potential buyers who are otherwise struggling to get to the location. Potential buyers can tour the apartment virtually and stop to take a closer look at the details and landscapes that interest them. Virtual tour also includes a measurement tool that allows the buyer to test, for example, whether their favorite sofa will also fit in the new apartment.

Floor plan

from 15 €

Floor plan interests all home buyers. After location it is often the most important element that determines the attractiveness of a listing. The floor plan is not only a mandatory part of home sales, but it can also stand out in a positive way. With Linear’s clear and high-quality floor plan, potential buyers can easily get an overview of the listing. The floor plan is customized according to the customer’s needs and the layout can be tailored to match the company’s brand image.

Digital renovation

from 179 €

Sometimes it can be challenging to assess whether it is worth renovating an apartment before selling it. Digital renovation is a solution when you want to highlight the potential of a listing that requires repairing. In digital renovation it is possible to, for example, change fixed furniture, floor material and paint the walls as well as furnish the entire space.

The service is perfect for visualizing unfinished spaces since they can be presented to potential buyers already during the construction phase. Our customers have also used digital renovation effectively to bring out the possibilities of outdoor spaces.


from 249 €

Video adds its own spice to the listing’s sales announcement. With the help of the video, potential buyers see the dimensions of the apartment in a more versatile manner than, for example, in mere photographs. At the same time, the real estate agent can emphasize his or her own expertise and personal brand. The agent’s skills to present the listing smoothly and interestingly with the target group in mind are of great importance.

Drone video / aerial photography

from 129 €

Drone aerial photos and videos highlight the listing’s characteristics from a completely new angle. Still quite rarely used, drone photography assists the listing to stand out from the rest of the offering. Utilization of the service is especially suitable for listings with a large yard or an otherwise interesting environment. Drone photography is also perfect for leisure homes.

3D modeling

from 399 €

3D modeling or rendering is an integral part of new property pre-marketing as it enables a realistic illustration of interior and exterior spaces, facades and living environments even before construction projects are completed. If necessary, modeling can be done on the basis of preliminary plans alone.

3D modeling also accelerates sales of new properties, because who would like to make a life-changing decision solely based on sales speeches? When potential buyers have the opportunity to get to know the property well in advance, the purchase decision will also be much more streamlined.

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