Linear Store

Linear Store is a completely new kind of marketplace that brings together real estate agents and service providers that meet the needs of the real estate brokerage industry.

Comprehensive services

For users of the Linear Real Estate Software, the services are delivered directly to the listing.

Expert service providers

Our growing network of producers includes professionals from different fields, operating all over Finland.

+ several others

The platform allows you to order real estate services such as photography and virtual furnishings quickly and with high quality.
Patrik Sariola
Local LKV

Frequently asked questions

How does the Store differ from Linear's previous store?

Linear only acts as the platform administrator in the Store, and that's the beauty of it! Producers price their own services so that brokers can choose the best option for them based on their profiles and service packages. The marketplace also opens up new possibilities; in addition to the old familiar services, the platform also offers a whole new range of services.

What do I need to use the platform?

We welcome all brokers to the platform! If you are not a Linear brokerage user, you can request a free account here. Linear users can take full advantage of the Store, with the convenience of ordering services with their brokerage account directly from the destination card, where the materials are delivered when they are finished.

Other features

Are you ready to take a step towards a new era of real estate brokerage?