With Linear's comprehensive reporting, you can always manage and develop your business in the right direction.

Lead with knowledge

Comprehensive reports allow you to monitor key figures in different areas of your brokerage business, both at a broad level and in detail.

Follow the results in one view

From the front page, you can see at a glance the most important information about your business. Keep up to date with the progress of your business with the reporting overview.

Comprehensive reporting for businesses of all sizes

Reporting allows you to easily track and compare sales and activity across regions or offices, down to the broker level.

Manage your data the way you want

If you want to work on reports on a different platform, you can easily download the data from Linear.

"We used to get the previous month's sales, but that was it. There was no comparability. Linear has taken it to a whole new level. It's a completely different way of managing cash; we have a better idea of the value of the inventory, how much money is hanging in the air."
Jouni Paasio
Jouni Paasio
Kiinteistönvälitys Näytönpaikka

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