In a fast-paced environment such as the real estate industry, 80% of realtors time is still used for manual labor. Linear offers you the edge you need in order to stay ahead.

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Linear is reshaping the real estate business with its advanced technological solutions that will bring your listings to life. With our integrated and data-driven technology combined with real estate industry expertise, it is possible to optimize the outdated work processes that are still used within the sector.

Linear's technology offers a user-friendly experience and a competitive advantage your new and existing customers will appreciate. An increase in the number of customers as well as peaked sales and reduce in time spent on manual labor are just some of the benefits gained from using our services.

AI-Based tools

With the help of Linear's AI-based tools, you will be able to save resources without having to struggle with complex systems.

Marketing & Sales tools

Linear's marketing and sales tools encourage dynamic deal closing and help you to reach goals.

Metrics & analytics

Linear's metrics and analytics offer integral components to understand, analyze and monitor performance in an effortless and effective way.

The Company

The story behind Linear began in 2018 when our other service Dixu was founded in Helsinki, Finland. While working on that project, we met multiple realtors and other operators working in the real estate industry and heard the difficulties they had with the manual labor. Also, the lack of modern-day practices within the field was unavoidable to see. We could not ignore the problem so instead, we decided to create a solution - Linear. Today, Linear offers exclusive digital services especially build for businesses working in the real estate industry.


Alex Silvennoinen
CSO, Co-Founder
Miro Eriksson
CEO, CO-Founder
Miika Isoranta
Key account manager


Our greatest investment is our employees. We are devoted to supporting our team members' professional growth and personal development as well as offering motivating job opportunities. Now is an excellent time to join us and get to witness our growth story from the front seat. We are constantly searching for new members to be part of our rapidly growing team. If you consider yourself to be a match for us, please send an open application and your CV via e-mail: [email protected] or check out our open positions.


We strive to give our customers an exceptional service. Feel free to contact us if any questions occur.

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