Why Linear

Our operations are strongly guided by customer focus, high quality standards, and the desire to influence the future of the real estate industry in a revolutionary manner. Improving customer acquisition, increasing sales, and decreasing manual work are just some of the benefits we provide for our customers.

Cutting-edge technology

Linear is transforming the real estate industry with advanced technological solutions that bring listings and user experiences to a whole new era. With our intelligent tools, our customers save resources without having to struggle with complex systems.

High quality standards

Our high-quality services not only reflect the values of our company but also serve as our customers’ business cards. Therefore, maintaining high-quality standards is an important part of our operations, which we carry out in practice through continuous quality control.

Customer-orientated development

As an agile software house, we respond to demand rapidly and develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs. The development of our services is never interrupted, but instead, we are constantly working to enable our customers the position of a forerunner.