We have built our broad range of services based on the changing needs of the industry and feedback received from real estate professionals. We closely monitor real estate trends and also anticipate them, which is why the services we offer are always at least topical, often even ahead of their time. Thanks to our extensive network, we can offer all our services nationwide and even globally.

Our services

Digital interior design

Virtual styling by our own interior designer brings out the possibilities of the space in various ways and increases the number of potential buyers.

With Linear’s high-class digital interior design, an empty apartment can be made to look like a fully finished home and an already furnished apartment will transform itself to fit into different tastes. By using Linear’s virtual design, you will save time and money as any extra costs will not occur from the physical styling of the apartment. Digital styling can also be carried out with authentic furniture from the Finnish manufacturer Isku. The buyer of the apartment can purchase the Isku furniture used in the interior at a reduced price.

Digital renovation

Digital renovation is especially effective when one wants to emphasize the potential of a listing that requires some repairing to be done.

Linear’s digital renovations of kitchens are carried out in collaboration with Keittiömaailma, a Finnish kitchen store.

In digital renovation, fixed furniture and surface materials can be changed, much like in a real-life renovation. The service is ideal for completing unfinished facilities; in this way, the finished space can be presented to potential buyers already during the construction phase. The digitally renovated spaces can be also furnished in a similar manner as in digital interior design.

Premium photos

Engage buyers with high-quality photos. Sales photos taken by a professional photographer tell more than a thousand words about the apartment and highlight the professionalism of the realtor.

There is a direct connection between the quality of the listing’s sales photos and the time that it takes to sell it. The importance of photographs can never be overemphasized since it is through photos that people create an image of a listing and decide whether or not to come to an apartment tour.

A network of professional photographers across Finland work in collaboration with Linear. Would you like to join Linear’s network of photographers? Contact: [email protected]

Virtual tour

If a photo is worth a thousand words, you can probably imagine what the worth of a 3D virtual tour is. Linear’s virtual tour is engaging in the eyes of potential buyers, offering an effortless opportunity to explore the listing’s spaces regardless of time and place.

The buyers can tour the apartment virtually and stop to take a closer look at the details and landscapes. Virtual tour also includes a measurement tool that allows the viewer to test whether his or her favorite sofa will fit in the new apartment.

Check an example of a virtual tour from HERE

Floor plan

What would a listing’s sales announcement be without a floor plan? With Linear’s clear and high-quality floor plan, potential buyers can easily get a general view of the property’s room count and space dimensions.

The floor plan is customized according to the customer’s needs and the layout can be created to correspond to the real estate agency’s brand style.

Drone video / aerial photos

Drone aerial photos and videos present listings from a completely new perspective as well as assists in standing out from other listings in a positive way.

Especially suitable for properties with large yards and interesting environments.


With the help of videos, potential buyers see the dimensions of the listings in a more versatile way than they would in photos alone.

In video presentations, great emphasis is placed on the realtor’s skills to present the listing smoothly and interestingly with the target group in mind.

3D modeling (rendering)

Linear’s high-quality 3D rendering is an integral part of marketing new real estate developments as it allows realistic visualizations of the premises before they are finished.

With modeling, you can bring a building project in its initial phase to life in a cost-effective way. Rendering is used to model, for instance, construction projects that have not even been started yet but one wants photo-like visualizations to be used in pre-marketing. Rendering can be done by using merely a floor plan or other preliminary plans.

Orders by e-mail: [email protected]

Ordering process

Customer experiences

Ordering floor plans, photos, and other services through Linear has been extremely easy. The quality of all the services has been very good, be it photographs or 3D modeling for new real estate development projects. The use of the online ordering platform was also effortless to adopt without any additional training or separate instructions.


Teemu Sainomaa, Sp-Koti

We have ordered, for instance, floor plans that rapidly and directly enter the data of the listings for sale. Linear sends notifications when the services have been delivered, making it easier for the realtors to stay up to date on their own work.


Toni Leskinen,